Send In Your Own Shoes

Can I send my own shoe for you to paint?

Yes you can. We can customize nearly any kind of shoe. Generally we ask that the shoe is All White and either canvas, suede, or leather. However, there are specific sneakers that are the preferred choice for Fix My Sole’s custom art. So we suggest you select one of these for your job. The most popular choices are: Foamposites, Air Max 90s, Prestos, Air Forces, Huaraches, Roshe Runs, Timberlands, Vans, Shell Toes, Ultra Boosts, Women’s Heels, Retro Jordans,etc.If a shoe that you want done isn’t on this list, don’t worry just email/text Fix My Sole for confirmation that the shoe is compatible. Also, your shoe MUST BE either in brand new, like new, or lightly worn condition. Heavily worn shoes are currently not accepted for the Send In Your Shoe option.

What material does the shoe need to be?

It depends on the design that you want done. For example if you are looking to get something like cartoon/portrait/pattern work done then a shoe with a smooth surface like a Jordan 10, 1, 2, Air Force One, Foamposite, Adidas Pro Model. Foamposites, basically any leather shoe with a smooth surface. Canvas shoes are recommended for simpler designs like Galaxy, Alien Galaxy, Solid color, Color fade designs, and things like that are better since the canvas material absorbs the paint more which causes them to not be able to be detailed to the extent of leather shoes.

How much do your designs cost ?

This is a tricky question because there isn’t a set price for the designs since everything is custom I offer a few different designs that are available to be purchased under the send in your shoe option from the website. Also, if there is a design that you want that isn’t on the site then you can request it by clicking Request custom work and your request will be answered as soon as possible

Prices start at...

What the Bape

$150 without shark teeth

$170 with shark teeth