Still Negus Denim Jacket


Custom Handpainted Still Negus denim jacket in your size.

Wash inside out on cold cycle

DO NOT put the jacket in the dryer, please let it air dry to protect the painted design

This jacket is a piece that I named “Contradiction”. It features Jaybo from the story of OJ with many other elements that may or may not be recognizable so if you want to know what they mean then read below👇🏾

To start with the words “Still Negus” at the top, it is a play on the lyric “Still Nigga” from “The Story of OJ by Jay Z. Negus means “king-used as a title of the sovereign king of Ethiopia”  but I did it in the “Disney” font to represent Disneys history with racist cartoons. I put a noose underneath it to represent all of the black people who were lost to lynchings and it’s underlining the phrase “Still Negus” to contradict each other and show contrast between different time periods. The character in the middle is Jaybo from the story of OJ and he is holding a watermelon with the American flag to represent the stereotype and the pickaninny cartoons that were used to portray African Americans which is why I made the American flag a part of the watermelon. I put Black Lives Matter on the red stripes to represent all of the unarmed black (wo)men who were murdered by police officers and received no justice. I put a crown on him instead of his original hat to represent the kings and queens that ruled over the ancient African Kingdoms (Mansa Musa, Haile Selassie, Ramses ll, etc.) I also have him a purple shirt because purple is the color of royalty to match the crown. Behind Jaybo are select lines from Nina Simone’s song “Four Women” which is the song Jay-Z sampled in the story of OJ.



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