Jacquard Products is currently the paint sponsor of Fix My Sole. Jacquard Products is based in Healdsburg, California and they have been producing high quality textile art supplies for almost 30 years. Their product lines include fabric paints, dyes, screen inks, pigment powders, fabric art markers, chemicals, waxes, and superior quality craft kit. This commitment to quality has allowed Jacquard Products to be the leading manufacturer of artist quality textile, mixed media, and craft products as well as being the proud sponsor of Fix My Sole since September of 2015. The paints from Jacquard Products that are most frequently used by Fix My Sole are the Jacquard Airbrush Color, Jacquard Neopaque line, Jacquard Lumiere line, Jacquard Textile Color, and the Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow line.